Non Profit Organization
A non-profit organization (NPO) is an entity that operates for a collective, public or social benefit, rather than to earn profits for owners or investors. An NPO typically focuses on activities related to cultural, educational, charitable, religious, or other activities serving the public interest or common good. The Bangladeshi Global Diaspora Council could be structured as a non-profit with the primary aim of serving the Bangladeshi diaspora and Bangladesh without the intention of distributing profits to members or directors.
Life Membership
Some non-profits offer life memberships, which allow individuals to become members of the organization for the entirety of their lives after paying a one-time membership fee. Life members often have the same rights and benefits as annual members, but without the need to renew their membership periodically.
Honorary Membership
Honorary membership can be granted to individuals who have made significant contributions to the organization's cause or to the community it serves. This type of membership is typically awarded as a mark of respect and recognition, and often does not require the payment of membership dues.
Student Membership
Non-profit organizations that value the engagement and contributions of younger members or wish to involve individuals who are still in educational institutions may offer student memberships. These usually come at a reduced cost and could include additional benefits geared towards the needs of students, such as networking opportunities, mentorships, or educational resources.
Free Membership
In certain cases, organizations may offer free membership to individuals who can add value or who can benefit from the organization’s services but may not be able to afford membership dues. This can help the organization expand its reach and inclusivity by removing financial barriers to participation.