Bangladeshi Abroad

Bangladeshis abroad, also known as the Bangladeshi diaspora, refers to the community of Bangladeshi people living outside of Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi diaspora is estimated to be around 10 million people, with the majority living in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

The Bangladeshi diaspora has played an important role in the development of Bangladesh, both through remittances and through their contributions to the economy and society of their host countries. Remittances sent by Bangladeshis abroad are a significant source of foreign exchange for the country, with over $18 billion in remittances sent in 2020.

The Bangladeshi diaspora has also contributed to the development of their host countries. In countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, Bangladeshis are involved in a range of professions, including medicine, engineering, and IT. Many have also started their own businesses, creating jobs and contributing to the economy.

Despite their contributions, Bangladeshis abroad also face a range of challenges. These include discrimination, cultural isolation, and difficulties in integrating into their host societies. Many Bangladeshis abroad also face legal and social barriers to accessing healthcare, education, and other services.

To address these challenges, various organizations have been formed to support the Bangladeshi diaspora. These organizations provide a range of services, including cultural events, legal advice, and support for education and employment. The Bangladeshi government has also taken steps to support the diaspora, including establishing the Bangladeshi Overseas Employment and Services Limited to provide support to Bangladeshis seeking employment abroad.

Overall, the Bangladeshi diaspora is an important and growing community that plays a significant role in the development of both Bangladesh and their host countries. While they face a range of challenges, various organizations and initiatives are working to support and empower Bangladeshis abroad.

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Bangladeshi Educators Abroad

Many educators of Bangladeshi origin are working in various universities and research organizations around the world. Here is a work-in-progress list.

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Bangladeshi Writers Abroad

Bangladeshi authors abroad write on various subjects, however, novel and poetry are still their forever favorite. Here is a work-in-progress list.

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Bangladeshi Politicians Abroad

Politics runs deep inside Bangladeshi psyche. The tradition is alive among Bangladeshi diaspora thorough the generations. A work-in-progress list here.

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Bangladeshi Physicians Abroad

Bangladeshi doctors abroad, from generalist to specialist, work at various fields of health care. Here is a work-in-progress list.

Bangladeshi Business Abroad

Bangladeshi business, from generalist to specialist, work at various fields of health care. Here is a work-in-progress list.