There are several reasons why you may consider joining the Bangladeshi Global Diaspora Council (BDGDC). Here are a few:

Networking opportunities: Joining the BDGDC can provide you with a valuable opportunity to connect with other Bangladeshi diaspora members worldwide. You can meet and network with professionals, entrepreneurs, and academics who share your background and interests.

Advocacy and representation: As a member of the BDGDC, you can play a role in advocating for the interests of the Bangladeshi diaspora. The council aims to represent the community’s voice and provide a platform for its members to contribute to the development of Bangladesh.

Access to resources: The BDGDC provides its members with access to a range of resources, including information on trade and investment opportunities in Bangladesh, cultural events, and educational opportunities.

Making a difference: By joining the BDGDC, you can be part of a community that is working towards making a positive impact on Bangladesh and its people. The council’s initiatives aim to promote economic development, education, and cultural exchange.

Overall, joining the BDGDC can provide you with a platform to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the development of Bangladesh while being part of a vibrant and dynamic diaspora community.